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Customized HR Functions

Outsourced management of HR functions

We have seasoned HR practitioners who can handle the dispensation of HR functions as a third-party provider.  Program duration can either be short or long term, depending on the requirements of the client.


Payroll is such a tedious and time consuming activity, not to mention the many concerns that arise from this process.  To alleviate our clients with the burden of payroll processing, we can assume the responsibility on their behalf.

Psychological Testing

While our recruitment services are packaged with basic intelligence and personality assessment, we also offer in-depth assessment of candidates to determine their innate character and competencies.

Other HR Solutions

We espouse the “can do” attitude, and we believe that there is a solution to every concern.  We take pride in having in our team, some of the finest practitioners who can diagnose and design solutions that are guaranteed to have significant results.

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